About Leviathan

Founded in 2019 and it’s headquarters in Frisco Texas.

Leviathan Funds is one of the best place to grow your capital under the leadership of a highly knowledgeable fund manager. Our key focus to provide consistent, realistic returns primarily through short and long-term capital appreciation.

A company rely solely based on performance and preserve capital and mitigate risk.
Focus on a pool of liquid securities with established trade histories. We carefully invest in securities to maximize exposure during opportunistic period and minimize exposure during risky periods.


There are a number of elements of the firm’s investment and risk-management activities that Leviathan Funds believes are essential to its goal of generating a consistent return to its investors. These elements include an opportunistic trading approach, the creation – not just the identification – of value, effective liquidity management, and managing operational and counterparty risk. The firm employs a value-added global investment approach.

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